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meet TypeStack

December 2021* we'll introduce TypeStack: a complete website/webshop/webapp/etc... management suite packed with features you'll love.

* Unfortunately. We did not meet our own deadline. It's not that we are standing still, on the contrary: we are going full steam ahead. You will definitely hear more about TypeStack in 2022. Stay tuned.

TypeStack offers unlimited possiblities for any type of application. It's build for frontend AND backend developers with ease of use in mind. And it even comes with a highly customizable and extendable and user-friendly dashboard. Manage multiple clients and applications with a single (or 2 factor) login. The main dashboard focusses on the daily user,  while achieving the optimal results for you and your clients.

central dashboard

  • Multiple websites and  custom  applications
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Customer Relation Management (CRM)
  • Multi account, users, groups and permissions

things you'll love

  • Extremly fast (first page within 500ms, next pages within 150ms)
  • User friendly and easy to learn dashboard and management tools
  • Realtime inline editing and publish when ready or roll back when needed
  • Slide based templates with row and column based grid elements
  • SEO friendly structure and plugins
  • Automatic GIT versions + deployment (development, staging, production)
  • DTO based modules and plugins (including FormBuilder)
  • Build-in code editor (IDE) with custom autocomplete functionalities
  • Well documentend (and commentend) code

plugin friendly

  • Weblog*
  • Webshop*
  • Dynamic SEO Pages*
  • GIT-o-Matic*
  • Or create your own! #MyFirstPlugin*

* License required

Yet another CMS? 
No, let us reveal some more insights

Designed to be fast and optimized for SEO. Any first page within 500ms, any next page in 150ms or less. Making TypeStack one of the top 3% fastest CMS in the world.

Create, design or develop any kind of webapp you want. TypeStack  offers a ready to go dashboard to install and manage multiple websites, webshops, blogs or other any custom webapps. Want more? Just connect the dashboard to your API and create the modules or extensions you need. You can even extend the core with your favourite PHP framework like Laravel of Symfony.

You can compare TypeStack to other ready-to-go platforms like Wix, Jimdo, Strato, WordPress,  etc...  but faster, fully scaleable and completely  customizable by default. TypeStack even  manages all GIT versions, branches and deployment for you! Setup a development environment in seconds and keep track of your changes automatically, including realtime publishing, deployment and rollback.

TypeStack is build and based upon one central PHP core which can be updated in less than 5 seconds. Only 1 installation is required per server. Multiple websites, webshops or other webapps share the same TypeStack core on the same server.

After a rollercoaster ride of over 4 years we are almost ready to roll-out TypeStack V1 and introduce it to the world.

has come a long way
meet TypeStack


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Gertjan Ekkel
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